cable cerviflam endesa 1z1z1 k as 061kv

Multicore control cables 0,6/1kV according to ENDESA Standards

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Cable Cerviflam ENDESA - 1Z1Z1-K (AS) 0,6/1kV
Multicore control cables 0,6/1kV according to ENDESA Standards
No propagador de la llama
No propagador incendio
Libre halogenos
Humos baja opacidad
Baka corrosividad gases
Technical characteristics
1. Operating voltage
2. Test Voltage
3. Operating Tª
-40°C to +70°C
1. Conductor
Flexible bare copper wires
Class V Acc. to UNE-EN 60228
2. Insulation
Halogen free compound (Z1)
Identification: Black cores, numbered.
3. Composition
Insulated conductors laid up together in concentric layers
4. Outer sheath
Halogen free compound(Z1)
Colour: Black
Standards / Properties
1. Flame Retardant
UNE-EN 60332-1 (IEC 60332-1)
2. Fire Retardant
UNE-EN 60332-3 Cat.C (IEC 60332-3 Cat.C); IEE 383
3. Halogen free
UNE-EN 60754-1 (IEC 60754-1)
4. Low corrosivity
UNE-EN 60754-2 (IEC 60754-2)
(pH >= 4,3 ; conductivity =< 10µS/mm)
5. Low smoke emission
UNE-EN 61034 (IEC 61034)
6. Ref. standard for drawing
7. Los smoke toxicity
Toxicity Index (It): 1,5 Max.
NES 713; NFC 20454