interior ict onslaught

Inside rush to the dispersion network and user.

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Interior ICT Onslaught
Inside rush to the dispersion network and user.
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1. Conductor
Copper electrolytic polishing rigid Cl.1 0.50
2. Isolation
Polyethylene ADPE by type UNE-EN 50290-2-23
3. External Cover
Outer covering of PVC cover colour ivory
4. Set wiring
Cabled conductors between if thread torn between cable and housing
1. Test voltage
3600 V / 3 seg.
2. Temperature Range
 -15 ºC a 70 ºC
3. Radius of curvature
5 times the outer diameter. cable (mm)
4. Electrical characteristics
Mutual capacity:

Average Max: 52±3 nF/km

Maximum value: 56 nF/km


Resistance max: 93 or / km at 20 ° C


Imbalance resistance: 2% maximum (between peers)

1. Flame retardant
UNE-EN 60332-1